LEO Satellite

ORBCOMM LEO system belongs, ORBCOMM system consists of 36 small satellites and ground segment (including ground station gateway, network control centers and ground terminal facilities) components. ORBCOMM already launched 36 satellites, and has established GES (gateway earth station) in 16 regions in 13 countries. ORBCOMM is a low-orbit communications system can only achieve small business data communication system of global mobile satellite communications, the system has a small investment, short period, light both communications and positioning capabilities, the quality of the satellite, the user terminal is a mobile phone, a high level of automation and system operation autonomic functions, and other advantages, ORBCOMM is mainly used to connect the global equipment assets, as shown below.

ORBCOMM satellite applications target customers

Commercial low-orbit communications satellite market, ORBCOMM system inside the crowd, before Iridium (Iridium) system case declining, the survival and profitability of the best one, mainly because of its market position. Iridium system is positioned to compete with the cellular phone, and the ORBCOMM system positioned only a short packet data communications, satellite so its low cost, low cost networking, primarily to provide data to machine communication channel in order to achieve a better business operations and is currently the world's only commercially available small LEO systems, as shown below.

Position Information

International LEO satellite data communication system of small-glance view of the situation