according to needs of different users, to provide a more appropriate solution to effectively reduce development difficulty and the overall IT operation and maintenance cost of the software,and to guarantee the security and stability of assets, save a lot of manpower and capital investment.

  • Freight safety solution

    ZNL501 integrated E-seal is the required equipment in the modern logistics monitoring system, the E-seal has been widely used in the customs supervision, logistics monitoring, on many occasions in transit safety, security and so on.

  • Container Remote Monitor System

    The system integrate load sensor,door sensor, temperature sensor with the container, use Wireless transmission technology to realize remote visualization of container location and status information, and provide data support and basis for he shipping company, shipping company, the owner of the East box more convenient management of container and cargo security.

  • Cold chain transportation solution

    Using cold-box guarder and our system ,you can realize to monitor the cold-box, refrigerated truck ,contains location 、temperature、refrigerator(send temperature、return temperature、setted temperature、power switch,etc...);and remotely to control the control machine start and stop、reset the temperature etc...