ZNL501 integrated E-seal is a monitoring terminal applied to modern logistics in-transit monitoring system. ZNL501 type of integrated E-seal not only has all the features of traditional mechanical locks, also has electronic control, positioning, automatic alarm, remote monitoring and many other features.

ZNL501 integrated E-seal is the required equipment in the modern logistics monitoring system, the E-seal has been widely used in the customs supervision, logistics monitoring, on many occasions in transit safety, security and so on.


Double lock: mechanical locks, electronic locks.

Double authentication: mechanical key and electronic password lock / unlock.

In-transit monitoring: Internal integrated GPS / GPRS module, remote real-time monitoring of the status and location of goods.

Automatic alarm: when lock lever or lock was damaged or abnormal, automatic alarm.

Automatic operation: local / remote control of electronic customs lock automatically applied seal / lock, unsealed / unlock.

Long battery supply: positioning for five days (30 seconds once time), do not positioning function for 30 days.

Intuitive indication: battery level, work status, alarm status indicated by the LED.

Store records: accurate, real-time recording various operations on the lock body.

Durable: After a professional waterproof, shockproof, anti-acid-base design, suitable for harsh environment applications.

Technical characteristics

The lock rod tensile strength

More than 3000 Newton

Mechanical locks life

Mechanical lock switch with more than 10000 times

Power Supply

1800mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery, standby time more than720 hours, continuous working time more than 5-7 days.


DC 5V/1A

Radio frequency

433MHzDiffraction communication distance of 50 meters.

Status indicator LED

Status of charge indicator lamp; the work status indication lamp.

IP class


Working temperature, humidity

-30+805% RH95% RH.

Positioning E-seal

Lock lever

Positioning E-seal

Positioning E-seal is fitted for real time monitoring of one-time voyage between two predetermined locations. The main body of the seal is reusable while the lock lever is of single use.

Positioning E-seal is a terminal testing equipment used in logistics in-transit monitoring system, independent researched by Shenzhen CIMC Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. Combines mobile communication networks and global satellite positioning system to achieve in-transit container products for effective monitoring.


1. Positioning E-seal is capable of monitoring the container needed to supervise;

2. Positioning E-seal with unique ID number, can be identified;

3. Positioning E-seal displays red and green LED lights for working status;

4. Positioning E-seal with charging function, and status display;

5. Positioning E-seal is capable of positioning and transferring the data to the data center.

Technical characteristics

Positioning time

Outdoor area can be positioned within 60 seconds, positioning  related weather conditions and geographic location


Built-in lithium battery 4.2V, 7200mAh

Battery supply

Full power, standby state of the lock lever disconnect> 300 days, the locking lever working time according to the insertion status data transmission frequency.


Sleep standby current  less than 200uA, wake average operating current 260mA


DC 5 V/1000mA, about 12 hours fully charged.

Operating temperature and humidity

-20+705% RH95% RH

Main functions

The main page contains e-map operation, e-seal monitor and e-seal remote control.

e-map operation: map, satellite, tools (drag, zoomIn ,zoomOut, measure, and Points, regions, routes edit.) , show all e-seals, full screen.

E-seal location and status info:  e-seal location, date, time, locked status, alarm info, speed, voltage, shell and so on.

Query:    input e-seal or license plate to search.

E-seal operate: History track, remote lock, remote unlock, bind. You can remote Lock and Unlock the remote device in this page.

E-seal monitor

E-seal status

You can see current status (Locked or Unlocked) and location for all e-seals. The status refreshed 60 seconds default.

It contains three tabs.

Base info: e-seal no., license, location, locked status, speed

When you click current row, you will see the e-seal in map;

E-seal status: show all status ( locked status, shell status, is inserted, operation result and so on.

Alarm: show all e-seals which has alarm current.

E-seal Operate

Remote Lock: select an e-seal, click “Remote Lock” button, then show a window as follow:

Default key is 0000000000

Please input a key, and click ok.

When the e-seal finished the operation, then show:

Remote Unlock: select an e-seal, click “Remote Unlock” button, then show a window as follow:

Default key is 0000000000

Please input a key, and click ok.

When the e-seal finished the operation, then show:

Remote Check: select an e-seal, click “Remote Check” button, then show a window as follow:

Default key is 0000000000

Please input a key, and click ok.

When the e-seal finished the operation, then show:

You can see the e-seal status is locked or unlocked.

E-seal Bind

Select an e-seal, click “Bind Vehicle”, and you can see the window as follow:

Input a license plate, container NO, select a customer name, can bind e-seal to a vehicle or a container or a customer.

History Track

Select an e-seal, click “Replay Track”, and will open a new window as follow:

Select a begin time and an end time, click “play”

You can see the vehicle track line and its detail history information (speed, date, time, position).

Location info set

You can add points, regions or routes in the map, and set a name. When the e-seal is located in the points, you can see your location info (you added before) in the “location” column in the datagrid or in the report.

Point: switch to the “point” tab, and click the “New" button, just as follow:

Region: switch to the “region” tab, and click the “New" button, just as follow:

E-seal Report

Event Report

Show all lock, unlock, check, and data callback event for all or just one e-seal in the time range.

Click “export” to export it as excel document.

Alarm Report

Show all alarm for e-seal.